Does web 2.0 change teaching and learning? If so, how? (If not, why not?)

Yes it does.  Previously when you wanted to know something, you had to go to the library or ask someone and hope they know the answer.  Now, all the information in the world is just a google search away.  The need for students to memorize facts are gone.  The teacher and textbook are no longer the only source for information.  Information is freely exchanged on the internet, there are free schools online such as Khan Academy and iTunes U. However, even though all this information is available, students will just go to wikipedia and blindly copy down whatever they see.  Sorting through all the content available on the web is a daunting task and students now just dont know how to do it.  Just as in the past when the teacher would teach students how to use the library and find the correct books, we also need to teach students how to properly use the internet and find the correct websites.  It may be just a matter of time before we get a “google” for education that will be the standard for learning.


What are your aims for the course? Expand and reflect on your profile statements.

On my wetpaint wiki I posted that my aims for this course are the following:

To reduce the number of different applications that I am using                             Standardize how students submit their assignments.
Taking notes electronically
Using forums
Google Docs, calendar
Marking electronically
Using social networking
Creating a blog with all the bells and whistles                                                        Flipped Classroom

So far Netvibes seems to reduce the number of web pages that I visit.  I would really like to see how twitter and blogs can be more effectively used in the classroom.  Im not sure if all of my goals will be accomplished in this course, but by using different application in this class, it will encourage me to try different and new programs in the future.

Another goal that I have is an idea from Chris Goodman’s blog  and our group discussion is to use the flipped classroomCarey mentioned using Khan Academy as a resource for short videos and is something that I would like to explore further.