Final Reflection

Based off of my original blog post, I was able to get a better understanding in the following areas:

To reduce the number of different applications that I am using   

Netvibes is a great webpage that can consolidate all the different webpages that I typically go to.  This was one of the very websites that we were required to set up and I find it quite convenient and easy to use.

Standardize how students submit their assignments.

Dropbox this is a program that allows all files to be synced on the cloud. Ive heard about this program from many teachers, but I didnt start to actually try it out until I took this class

Using forums

Wetpaint  has a forum/discussion section that I have implemented into my own wiki.

Using social networking

Twitter used to follow other people.  I am now following various physics teachers and Michio Kaku.

Creating a blog with all the bells and whistles    

WordPress used to easily create a blog.  This is probably the first time that Ive actually created a blog that is not for the classroom and to comment on other people’s blogs as well.

Flipped Classroom

-The idea of having the students go through the content at home and using classroom time for problem solving.  I got a lot of insight into this from reading Carey’s, Patrick’s and Pam’s blogs.

I have to admit that I learned quite a lot from this course.  I always thought to myself that I can learn all this stuff by myself and Ill get around to it, but I never did.  This course really put myself into the position where I was forced to learn how to use and implement all of these different programs and websites.  I suppose it is similar to a textbook in school, you could read it on your own, but your not going to actually pick it up until the teacher asks you to do it.

This course has also encouraged me to explore other programs and websites.  This is something that I really needed a push to do because I was previously in China where everything was blocked and I pretty much gave up on trying new things.

This was a great course and I can definitely say that I learned something that I can implement into my work life.



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