Collaborative Project – Wetpaint

Collaborative Project – Wetpaint – Chad Lyew


For my project, I used Wetpaint to create a wiki for my grade 11 physics IBSL1 course.

The goal of this wiki is to provide a place that can be reused from year to year, rather than a blog which constantly has to be updated.

The plan for this site is to be maintained collaboratively with other physics teachers that teach the same course.   Each teacher can add content to the sections created and this content can be saved for future use.


Student and teacher interaction will take place in forum/discussion tab at the top of the page.  Students can post questions/comments to teachers or to each other in the appropriate section.  The goal is for students to participate and help each other with questions, rather than solely relying on the teacher.


The links on the left side of the wiki show all the content available.

Lab Rubrics and Exemplers – Shows students how to write a lab report and it is broken down into each specific section

Course Syllabus – Gives an outline of what will be covered in the course

Calendar – All due dates will be posted here.

Past tests and quizzes – Provides students with old tests and quizzes to study from

Content by Topic – This is the core of the wiki and breaks down each unit in terms of Videos, Notes, Homework, Solutions, Online Simulations, and Old tests and Quizzes.

Videos – Provides links to all videos used in the course, with the idea of the flipped classroom in mind.

Online Simulations – Links to physics online simulators.

Group 4 Project – Information about the group 4 project

Extended Essay – Information about the extended essay


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