The filmstrip/movie teacher

The reading that was assigned “How youtube is changing the classroom”, was quite interesting because it mentioned the negatives of the flipped classroom.  Ive been so obsessed with how great it is and how to implement it, that I havent thought about why it isnt the best thing to happen in a classroom.  The article mentions the “filmstrip teacher”, the teacher that just shows movies every class.  Now with youtube, you could just tell the kids to watch videos at home, do problems in class and sit back.  This is a pretty exhausting week and I could easily see that happening to me.  Is it a bad thing, not always. Students need to work on their own without the teacher spoon feeding the information to them.  But the last thing that I want is to become complacent because Khan is there to teach the lesson for me.

As of now, I am posting links to all the videos related to the section on the blog and asking students to watch it as review or before we start the next lesson as an introduction.  Most of the students tell me that they will watch it just before the test to study.  Which when I think about when I was a student, I only read the textbook just before the test.  Is this any different?  Are the videos equivalent to reading a textbook?


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