Flipped Classroom 2 and other tech stuff

These past 2 weeks, I have decided to integrate some of things that I have learned in this course into my classroom.

The first thing that I did which worked out quite well was to use google forms to create a survey for all my students to take, I used this survey in the parent teacher conference.  It made the conferences more interesting and it was good for me to see what students thought of my course.  I cant take credit for this, got the idea from Ringo.

Ive also tried to get my students to start watching Khan Academy with very very limited success.  I think like 2-3 students actually watched it.  Im not sure how to motivate the students to watch the videos, I think one of the reasons that they are reluctant to watch it is because it is used in other courses and asking the students to listen to Khan chat away in  multiple subjects might a bit too much for them.

Something that I have come across is video advocating against learning physics from videos.  Its basically saying that the students dont really become engaged through the video and need to be challenged more.  The author offers an alternative style of video. Ultimately which is better, Im not sure.  But the feedback from the students is that they would rather me to just teach the class.  This is most likely because I am not implementing the flipped classroom correctly.  The experiment continues….


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