Flipped Classroom

After reading Goodman’s blogpost, I have given quite a bit of thought on how to do this.  I was even thinking about doing my pecha kucha presentation on this, but as of this moment, I have not implemented any of my ideas.  I just received an interesting pictograph about the flipped classroom, which is further motivation for me to try and get this going.  The problem is that once the day starts, things are so busy that I revert back to what I normally do in class.  I am already finding that I need to pick up the pace in IB and to further introduce something like this, Im afraid that it will make me fall behind.

My biggest concern probably is that no one will watch any of the videos assigned for homework.  I myself find it difficult to watch a 10min video on physics, so how can I get the students to do it?


2 thoughts on “Flipped Classroom

  1. Once the students know that they need to watch the videos to learn the material so that they can access what is covered the following lesson – they’ll soon catch on. I have done it a few times and initially you’ll have problems getting the students to all watch the videos, but they will eventually. The flipped classroom is a great idea – but, I would say that it adds variety to the learning experience and shouldn’t necessarily be used every single homework and lesson…

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